Ubuntu at home

I received at home for free, the CDs with the various versions, of the latest release of the Ubuntu distribution.


© Paolo Melchiorre 2006 "All the Ubuntu CDs I received for free at home"

Ubuntu at home

Everyone knows that using a GNU/Linux distribution is advantageous in many ways: freedom, quality, security, stability, usability and savings.

Ubuntu, the distribution derived from Debian, in addition to having all these features, arrive at home for free.

To receive the CDs just go to the site page that explains how to get Ubuntu, and after registering, order the CDs in the PC versions, for 64bit PCs and for Mac.

The “ShipIt” page to place the order is in English, it’s all very simple, and to order a large number of CDs just write the motivation.

Delivery times between 4 and 6 weeks are indicated, but my CDs arrived in just one week.

CD cases are made of cardboard, but they are professional and very beautiful. They contain 2 CDs: the Ubuntu version for normal installation and the live version to try Ubuntu without installing it. Obviously the CDs are screen-printed with the Ubuntu logo.

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