How to use uWSGI Avahi plugin in Ubuntu

Step-by-step how-to to use uWSGI Avahi plugin for GNU/Linux (tested on Ubuntu 17.04/17.10).


The Avahi uWSGI plugin ( allows your instances to register services in your mDNS system.

$ sudo apt-get install uwsgi uwsgi-src libavahi-client-dev
$ cd ~
$ export PYTHON=python3.6
$ uwsgi --build-plugin
$ sudo mv /usr/lib/uwsgi/plugins/
$ sudo chmod 644 /usr/lib/uwsgi/plugins/

Configuring your .ini file like:

project_name = paulox
socket =
subscribe-to =
plugins = avahi
avahi-register = %(project_name).local

After starting your emperor you can view some similar messages on your log:

Avahi Server Version: avahi 0.6.32
[uwsgi-avahi] registered record paulox.local CNAME ubuntu.local

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