PyCon IT 2018 “Nove”

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© 2018 Paolo Melchiorre presenting his talk at the PyCon IT 2018 in Florence (Italy)

🏷️ - Full-Text Search with PostgreSQL
🗓️ 20th April 2018
🗺 Florence, Italy
🗣️ 🇮🇹 (italian)

🗒️ Abstract

The official Django project website ( is based on the latest stable version of Django. The project documentation is generated with Sphinx and the generated documents are then stored on PostgreSQL to be viewed on the site.

The documentation search form on the Django project website is widely used and until recently it was performed through Elasticsearch. However using Elasticsearch caused some issues with data synchronization and driver updating.

In this talk we will see how I have updated the search function of the Django project site using the Django Full-Text Search module based directly on PostgreSQL. I have simplified the infrastructure and sped up the documentation update, without losing any of the previous features of research but rather improving them and adding others frequently requested by users.

Through this talk you can learn how to add a new Full-Text Search function on your website, if it is based on Django and PostgreSQL. Otherwise you can learn how to update the existing search function on your site if you use Elasticsearch or other similar search engine.

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