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© 2019 Paolo Melchiorre presenting his talk at GDG DevFest 2019 in Pescara (Italy)

🏷️ Managing Youtube reports with Django and PostgreSQL
🗓️ 02nd November 2019
🗺 Pescara, Italy 🇮🇹
🗣️ 🇮🇹 (italian)

🗒️ Abstract

Youtube is the most used video sharing website in the world and contains a volume of video and data that is impressive to imagine, its ease of use hides the complexity of the data required for its operation and especially for monetization.

In this talk we will see how we managed to interact with the economic reports of many Youtube channels, import a large volume of data through Google’s APIs and create a web service based on the intelligent aggregation of these data.

To interact with the Youtube Reports API and to download the data, we used the official Python client library for Google’s discovery based APIs.

To create the Web service and all asynchronous task we used Django Web Framework and the uWSGI application server.

To store the large volume of data and import it quickly we used the PostgreSQL database.


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